The who, the what and the why of a lapsed theorist

About a lapsed theorist

Having graduated from the University of Sheffield with an MPhys in Theoretical Physics in July 2004, I stayed on as a researcher in the physics department in the Low Dimensional Semiconductors and Devices (LDSD) group. My PhD thesis was first submitted in July 2008, examined at my viva in September, corrected and resubmitted in December 2008.

After having been a researcher for a couple of years, my girlfriend made a really good point about why its a good idea to explain to the non-physicist what I do:

It wouldn't say much if after four years of undergraduate and two years of postgraduate study a non-physicist could understand completely the entire contents of your research!

Several members of family and friends expressed an interest in knowing what I actually did during my years of research and what is actually in my thesis. This website is dedicated to explaining its contents in a more approachable manner for the non-physicist reader and the best place to start is almost certainly with a simple guide to low-dimensional semiconductor physics.